Never Let Me By Kazuo Ishiguro Essay

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Never Let Me by Kazuo Ishiguro is a novel that take place in a dystopian alternate world in the English countryside during the late 1990s. In context, the devastating aftermath of an unnamed war during the 50s urged a critical need for cure of a widespread virus. Meanwhile, the scientific advancement/developments/progress in genetic engineering prompted the creation of test- tube babies to be the solution. Therefore clones were born from real existing humans. The novel begins by capturing the life of Hailsham, a mysterious boarding school built to raise special or cloned students by automatically dooming them to a determined fate of giving their internal organs at some stage during their adult lives to those real humans in need of them. As they grow older, the former students are sent across the country to complete their given tasks which are aided by specific "training" and eventually relocation to different hospitals in order to becoming a donor or "carer"-a nurse or helper for the donor before becoming one himself. As inhumane as it may sound; Ishiguro focuses far more on the emotional side of his characters by developing very sensitive relationships between the "clones", as they reflect upon their childhoods and set out to find answers to the many secrets and questions that revolve around the isolated gates of Hailsham.
In Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go, the big question is that do these artificially produced life have any human traits in them is raised. Do these…

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