No Fault And Fault Based Divorce Essay

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According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there were 23.7 million divorced people age 18 and older in the U.S. in 2010, representing more than 10% of the population (Strong, 2013). Divorce does mean to terminate a marriage, but there are actually two types of divorces- no-fault and fault-based divorce. No- fault divorce means that the couple can file without having to accuse one another of such acts. The couple can easily file irreconcilable differences to end things for good. As for fault-based divorce, one spouse is held accountable for the failed marriage through such actions as infidelity and domestic violence. The couple are not the only ones going through the process of divorce, children have to put up with the adjustments, and usually do not handle it too well. It may begin with an argument and then it may get physical. This is usually what jump starts the divorce process. After a certain period of time, one of the two may not want to put up with being married anymore- the initiator. Usually the initiator keeps their feelings to themselves. While still married, the initiator may mourn over the ending of the marriage, which can cause them to become disconnected. This is known as “uncoupling”. From my personal experience, I witnessed my parents drifting apart when I lived at home. They each did everything separately, but when it came to occasions and outings they knew how to put up a front as if nothing was going on. My mom came to conclusion that their marriage could not…

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