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Benefit segmentation of potential wellbeing tourists
Juho Pesonen, Tommi Laukkanen and Raija Komppula Journal of Vacation Marketing 2011 17: 303 DOI: 10.1177/1356766711423322 The online version of this article can be found at: http://jvm.sagepub.com/content/17/4/303

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This study shows that data-driven segmentation can be used to find markets for a certain product instead of a priori segmentation. The results also show that benefits sought have a strong influence on customer behavior but little in common with socioeconomic factors, which proves the usefulness of benefit segmentation in tourism. Based on the results, tourism companies can find the most suitable segments for their offerings. Keywords benefit segmentation, cluster analysis, wellbeing, wellness, tourism

According to Buhalis (2000) each destination can only match certain types of demand. Hence, destinations should be aware of the needs and wants of potential tourists in order to manage the destination resources and attract the right customer groups. Segmentation is generally used to gain a better position compared to competitors, because it provides valuable information on customers and makes it possible for a destination to adjust its offering to better match customers’ needs (Matzler et al., 2004). In this study the aim is to determine how benefit segmentation, a method for grouping consumers based on their needs and wants, can be used to find target markets for a certain product at a specific tourism destination. Segmentation in the context of wellbeing and wellness provides companies

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