Othello Act Iii Scene Iii Analysis Essay

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“Othello”is one of the great tragedy themed plays by William Shakespeare. In the observation of human behavior, Shakespeare noticed that although people respect conventional values much of the time, they sometimes learn to develop techniques that enable them to counteract the effectiveness of the values and laws and drift towards illegitimate behavior.
In Act iii, Scene iii is where Shakespeare shows the turning point of Othello through the implementation of Iago’s plot. Othello’s strong demeanour is now shaken as he is seduced by Iago’s lies and claims them as the truth from an honest old friend.
According to Van Laan (1978)
Othello’s careful, controlled presentation of himself as meritorious is neither nether play-acting nor
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It is rightly associated with tragedy, for self-knowledge is sharpened and deepened by pain. If comedy sports with human follies, tragedy mocks over strength and turns it onto weakness. Othello’s love for Desdemona presents an immense target for the poisoned mind of Iago.
The key device used to enhance the poem of tragedy is Dramatic Irony. Dramatic Irony is a plot device in which the audience’s or reader’s knowledge of events or individuals surpasses that of characters therefore takes a different meaning for the audience or reader than they have for the play’s characters. This may happen when, for example, a character reacts in an inappropriate or foolish way when a character lacks self-awareness and thus acts under false assumptions.The audience may sympathize with the character, who does not know the true situation. Or, the audience may see the character as blind and ignorant. The clues may be rather obvious, but the character may be unwilling to recognize the truth.
The dramatic irony is heightened in Act iii, Scene iii of the poem ‘Othello’. This excerpt shows Iago’s play on Othello’s weakness and that he is advantageous and merciless. Othello is unaware of Iago’s true intentions and though at first he didn’t seem easily persuaded, in the end his flaw overcame him. Othello’s trust in Iago increases as his for Desdemona decreases.
Iago starts off as being humble and gently peaks Othello’s interest to his stealthy plot. The

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