Othello And Othello By William Shakespeare Essay

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There are different sides of each person’s personality; individual emotions we show to our acquaintances, close friends, family and ourselves. When we are alone, we know how we truly feel, but cannot express to people because we are scared to be judged, not taken seriously, trusted or laughed at. It exists in everyone and some may choose to hide it and others may express it the way they please, regardless of being judged. There are occasions where if we hide emotions for too long and avoid it, it may start to build up inside. Once it starts to burst out, we will not have the capacity to control it. That is our nature as humans. We all have emotions that cannot be avoided and it will always demand to be felt. We see emotions, such as jealousy, as a reoccurring factor of conflict in Othello. The conflicting interactions between characters in Othello take apart the picturesque relationship between Othello and Desdemona. “” based on this passage we see
Othello’s life was picture perfect: beautiful wife, respected job, good reputation and wonderful friends. He was definitely looked upon by many soldiers and citizens in Venice, but this was all an image that was created by him. They did not actually know who this man was except about the actions he took and his reputation. Othello was a busy man for sure, but it is believed that this was just the way he hid his insecurities, emotions, and personal matters. His focus in life was being occupied by his job and, Desdemona was more…

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