Othello As A Shakespearean Play Based On Love, Power, And Jealousy

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Othello is a Shakespearean play based on love, power, and jealousy. These themes lead to lust, deceit, and end in death. Othello, a Moor, eloped with a beautiful young girl named Desdemona. However, their marriage was not accepted and caused many problems. The greatest problem began when Iago tricked Othello into believing that his wife was unfaithful. Iago 's jealousy caused the destruction of the marriage between Othello and Desdemona and ultimately the death of his wife by his hands. Had Othello really loved his Desdemona so then he would not have let the rumors spread by Iago to get to him. Othello lacked true love for Desdemona, which was made clear by his actions. The loved the power and attention he got from being married to her but in the midst of hardships he abandons her. Othello and Desdemona’s love and marriage were a main focal point in this book. Many were jealous and envious of the relationship that these two shared. As the Othello opens Iago and Roderigo talk about the shocking actions of Othello. Othello and Desdemona, the daughter of a senator of Venice, had eloped. The reason that this marriage was frowned upon and so shocking was because Othello was Moor who had just recently been promoted. This promotion was the beginning of much jealousy and hatred. In the first act of the play Shakespeare so eloquently shows the love between these two, Othello and Desdemona. From a book written by Alex W. Crawford he writes, "The proper understanding of the…

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