Othello By William Shakespeare : Theme Of Jealousy Essay

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Choose a play which explores a theme that made an impression on you.

Explain briefly what the theme is then, by referring to appropriate techniques, show how the writer explores this theme.


Othello by William Shakespeare explores theme of jealousy which impresses audiences. Set in Venice and Cyprus the eponymous tragic hero ( 'the moor ') is the general of the Venetian army and have just married to 'divine ' white Venicean Desdemona. As everything is going smoothly with Othello the villian in the play, Iago, determines to destroy his fortunes by taking advantage of Othello 's tragic flaw of jealousy and his guillable nature. This play explores the universal theme of jealousy and trust with one another.

The theme of jealousy is apparent at the start of play. In a heated conversation between Iago and Roderigo (whom is in love with Desdemona) Iago expresses jealousy on Casio as Iago is not chosen as the lieutenant which he thinks he deserves to be: 'I know my price '. He then further criticises Casio is incapable of being a lieutenant -- a 'bookish theoric... without practice ' and has never set a sqadron in the field '. Again this reinforces his view that Casio is not the person for lieutenant and only himself should be made lieutenant. Moreover in Act Three because he believes Othello 'twixt my sheets he has done my office ', implying he has dishonest relationship…

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