Othello, By William Shakespeare Essay

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By the end of the play when Othello is about to kill his wife, he has her beg for forgiveness from God. This is done so that Othello can ensure that Desdemona would go to heaven even though she had “sinned”. This makes it seem as though Othello still cares for his wife and did not wish for her to go to the worse place she could be “hell” because of one mistake which the audience knows she did not commit but Othello has not been privy to this information just yet. After Desdemona is killed and Othello finds out that Iago was deceiving him, he kills himself without asking for forgiveness from god. He knows that he made a mistake and should have asked his wife about what Iago had been telling him. Deep down, Othello knew his wife would not cheat on him, however the possibility was so unbearable that he refused to give her the opportunity to confirm or deny the actions that Iago put into his head. By not asking God for forgiveness he knew that he would not end up in the same place as Desdemona, and since he knew that he killed his wife for no reason he did not believe he deserveWilliam Shakespeare’s Othello tells the story of the Moore of Venus, who runs off with Desdemona. The couple end up getting married which causes drama throughout the city, since it was an unplanned unapproved wedding. Othello and Desdemona are not the only married couple in this play, there is also Iago and Emilia. This couple has less money and less love involved in there union however this does not…

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