Othello, By William Shakespeare Essay

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The saying “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer” isn 't something you think of when someone is appearing to be your friend. This phrase is something that the antagonist, Iago, in Othello, a tragedy play, by William Shakespeare. The fact that all of the other characters never suspected Iago to be the one for all of their problems, yet he seemed to be the one wanting to help. Always giving advice and suggestions, nevertheless Iago was the go to guy who was actually out to take down Othello and anyone else who got pulled into his mess. The trouble that Iago starts is trouble that often happens in life with a group of friends. Life may bring situations of rumors about a friend or a significant other or even jealousy of a friend you think is too close to your mate. The play is all about love, jealousy, and betrayal which are usual problems in different types of relationships. Iago is a character who is loved by many and betrays everyone because of his own insecurities and jealousy. Love is what many characters in the play have for Iago. Emilia and Iago’s relationship isn 't the typical relationship of husband and wife, although Iago is married to her, he uses Emilia as a tool. Her goal is to make him happy and do as he asks, as you see when she steals the handkerchief, and her words at the time has neither the desire nor the ability to love anything or anybody. Emilia seems to love Iago with a kind of passionate devotion. Her sole aim seems to be doing his will,…

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