Othello, By William Shakespeare Essay

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A husband truly in love with his wife, turns murderous, and ends up smothering her to death even though she has only ever been completely faithful, trustworthy and loving to him. Iago showed Othello at the beginning of the story that he was an honest and trustworthy man, had Othello come to the realization Desdemona was a strumpet on his own, and disguised a plan to prove Desdemona’s adultery. The play Othello, is like a puppet show and Iago is the puppeteer; controlling the outcome and fate of each of the characters. Iago was upset with Cassio because he got the job to become Othello’s lieutenant; however, he was more upset with Othello for not recognizing that he deserved the job more than any other person. Since Iago believed that there was misinterpretation of who was best fit for the job and that Othello had made a mistake, he created a plan to ruin Othello and anyone else who was in the way of achieving this mission. Othello did not investigate Iago’s accusations because Iago was a genius prevaricator with a master plan. Othello had no reason not to trust Iago, the person who was always there if he needed something; for what Othello knows the honest person who has never done any harm to him. Iago had a way with his words, not saying directly to Othello that his wife was a cheater; however, he helped lead Othello to come to the conclusion of this on his own. In the play Othello, the audience can detect, early, Othello’s trust towards Iago. “Honest Iago, My Desdemona…

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