Othello, By William Shakespeare Essay

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Important needs of many people are fitting in and feeling loved. People want to feel love and acceptance, especially if they do not love themselves. Many people change themselves, or put on a faCade to conform to society. We might not be black or from Africa, but we are all different. At some time or another in our life we have all had serious issues, caused by unconscious motives to our behaviors. Shakespeare uses the metaphor of a black man, but Othello is the stranger that we have all been, we all struggle in similar ways which has allows us to understand and feel the emotions Othello is going through. A fact of life is that we are all unique and cannot always fit in, we will always have our differences no matter what. There are things in life we cannot control, such as diseases, disabilities, and the color of your skin. Having such challenges, does not make you any less than everyone on this Earth, however it can make you stand out alone in society. In the play Othello, Othello does not receive love and acceptance by everyone, therefore he is not always seen as an equal and does not see his own value, which leads into a tragic ending.
Othello’s root objective in this play is receiving love and acceptance in the European world however, his failure to do so leads him into chaos and conflict. Due to his differences, people in the society he lives in look down upon him. Othello does not fit in because he is living in a world where his genetics make him stand out. Even…

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