Othello, By William Shakespeare Essays

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Women are always held in higher standards then man. This is especially true for those that lived in the time of William Shakespeare. All had to have certain virtues before a man could ever think of marrying her. Women in Shakespearean time had to have been kind, had chastity and was faithful, and had to have been obedient to their husbands. Women who did not have or follow these standards were more than likely killed. In Shakespeare 's play, Othello, the character Desdemona shows all these qualities yet is still killed. Desdemona is written as a kind character. She is not shown to be an conniving, like Iago, or jealous, like her husband Othello. An example of her kindness would be her friendship with Cassio. There is nothing malicious or scandalous about their relationship though Iago tries to show that it is. Desdemona says to Cassio, "Be thou assured, good Cassio, I will do, All my abilities in my behalf" (3.3.1-2). She is saying she would do anything she could for Cassio as he is her servant. She is extending her hand to him after he and Othello got into an argument. It is cruel how Iago uses this to his advantage and twists it in the wrong way. Desdemona is also kind to Iago 's wife, Emilia. As the play progresses, Emilia hurts Desdemona by stealing her handkerchief and giving to Iago so they can both trick her. Desdemona ends up being killed by Emilia 's action. It is ironic how the kindness she shows to others is thrown back to her face. Desdemona 's chastity and…

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