Othello, By William Shakespeare Essay

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When the character Othello in Shakespeare’s Othello confronts Desdemona of her infidelity, he is challenging her honor and furthermore, their marriage and relationship. In regards of their history, Desdemona previously deceived her father to pursue her relationship with Othello. Therefore, the notion of deceiving Othello becomes a realistic possibility provided the manipulation of Iago. Throughout the text, Othello makes numerous referrals to religious beliefs and contrasts between heaven and hell with reference to Desdemona’s alleged actions. He implies a belief through his words that Desdemona is his possession and her actions have inflicted the gods upon him. Furthermore, the examples he conjures of Desdemona are inhumanly, referring to her as a fountain and a piece of meat. Through indirect references, Othello portrays Desdemona as less than human and himself as a higher authority. Rather than envisioning elaborate stories of war which persuaded nobility of his character, Othello uses his imagination to conjure compelling language regarding Desdemona’s character. The rage produced by the alleged adultery causes his character and mindset to morph resulting in these false assumptions. Throughout the play, Shakespeare makes use of subtly implying religion by denoting heaven and hell. Othello states that heaven “[tried him] with affliction/… [and caused] all kinds of sores and shames” (Shakespeare 4.2.) to be unleashed upon him. Affliction is a form of pain relating to…

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