Essay on Othello, By William Shakespeare

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The play Othello was written by William Shakesphere and published in 1622. In the play Othello’s jealousy was a major theme. It drives Othello to commit his heinous deed of killing Desdemona. Othello, at the beginning of the play claimed to be a man who “Loved not wisely, but too well; of one not easily jealous”. Desdemona was betrayed by Othello because he did not trust her loyalty, he accused her of having an affair, and he murdered her in the end. Desdemona is a young ventian noblewoman, who falls in love with a general in the army who works for her father, a senator. As a child she finds herself infactuated with othello, and the childhood Lust Grows Into Love. Their elepement begins a downward course for them Both. In spite of her youth and inexperience, she was strong enough to stand up for Her father’s disapproval of her marriage, and she was loyal to Othello until she dies. Desdemona manages to constantly display her intellectual prowess whether it is addressing the Senate, debating Iago or pleading on behalf of Cassio, she is not afraid of a public forum and is constantly striving for her voice to be heard. Desdemona levels the playing field as she speaks for herself and defends her marital match. Her ability to address the Senate as an equal reinforces the power and danger of her role in Venetian society. Ironically and tragically, Desdemona 's desire to be heard only feeds into Iago 's web of deception. Even in the shadows of death Desdemona 's…

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