Othello, By William Shakespeare Essay

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People fulfill many stereotypes throughout their lives. Whether it is due to their age, gender, race, or other factors, we all fall into certain stereotypes and are portrayed differently by these factors. William Shakespeare, the author of Othello, portrays women in various ways throughout the play, and how they either reinforce stereotypes, or how they break them down with how women act. Desdemona is portrayed as being a young person in a modern society that requires her to fulfill certain characteristics, in other words she is a “stereotypical women” in Shakespeare’s society. Coincidentally, Bianca is portrayed as the opposite to Desdemona, she is shown to be very outspoken and not lady like. Bianca is portrayed as jealous, as well as possessive. Emilia is also portrayed as very outspoken, clever, and flirtatious at certain times, and as such is not what a “proper” women should be. Women are typically portrayed as very proper, and weak, they are shown to need a husband or constant in their life due to their fragile states, however there is always the “few” that break these stereotypes and completely defy what it is meant to be a women according to these stereotypes. Desdemona is thought to be the perfect woman in the time period, and is portrayed as such, she is shown to be very trusting, and dedicated to her husband, this is due to the stereotype that women need a husband. She is portrayed as a very dedicated wife to Othello, fulfilling the stereotype that women are…

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