Othello, By William Shakespeare Essay

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A villain does not need powers to appear cruel and vicious. A villain who knows how to manipulate people with the power of words is a true villain. In William Shakespeare’s play, Othello, a man named Iago is fueled with revenge toward a soldier named Othello for not assigning him the position of lieutenant. In order for Iago to obtain this position, he carefully chooses his words to let others be part of his plan without their knowledge of it. Iago lies, shades the truth, and raises doubt to deceive Roderigo and Cassio that ultimately leads to the downfall of Othello.
In Act I, we get to see how Iago’s character is developed as he converses with Roderigo. Iago uses Roderigo for his money and makes him a valuable piece in his diabolical plan. Iago confides in Roderigo about how Othello assigned Cassio the position of lieutenant instead of him, “For “Certes,” says he, “I have already chosen my officer.” And what was he? Forsooth, a great arithmetician, one Michael Cassio…” (I.i.17-21). Iago wants to show Roderigo that he is a friend by trusting him with his problems. Roderigo agrees with Iago and suggests for Iago to quit serving Othello. However Iago said, “I follow him to serve my turn upon him” (I.i.45). Iago is only serving Othello to take advantage of him, however, Iago is also using Roderigo to help aid in his plan. Roderigo is distraught to know that the love of his life, Desdemona, is infatuated with Othello and might wed him. Iago knows that Roderigo is naïve and will…

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