Othello, By William Shakespeare Essay example

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Othello can be viewed as jealousy, irony, heroism. Just like the old saying goes, “the truth will set you free. In Othello you see the deadlines of jealousy and suspicion. Its one of the earliest literary works dealing with race and racism, Othello was the most prominent black protagonist in early western literature. It shares stories of conflict, unlawfulness, and work. His jealousy is his key flaw and lago that to manipulate him. He 's not trusting enough of his wife. Othello was one of Shakespeare tragic heroes. The play brings out the human nature of jealousy, and when mi ya viciously ambitious military man with a jealous newly wed and a spurned lover. Roderigo a man who is paying lago to help him in his romantic pursuit of Desdemona arguing about Desdemona recent marriage to Othello. Lago is upset with Orthello,the military commander, because he recently promoted a guy named Cassio instead of Lago to the position of lieutenant even though lago has more military experience. The play starts off with Othello being calm, a strong military man, as well respected by the senate, and well loved by his new wife. But by the end he is jealous, Shakespeare uses this to show Othello 's progression from military hero to tragic hero. Lago is really the main character. He has been passed up from promotion and this explains the revenge plot against Othello. Lago manipulates many of the cast members throughout the play and causes of several deaths. Lago even killed his own wife,…

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