Essay about Othello, By William Shakespeare

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The play, Othello, takes place in Venice. Othello is a North African man who is the military general. He is an important figure in this story. Othello falls in love with Desdemona and secretly marries her. Both Iago and Roderigo hates Othello. Iago also does not get along with Michael Cassio because he has the position that Iago wanted. Brabantio, Desdemona’s father, did not like Othello because he think that Othello used a spell to make his daughter to fall in love with him. In this play many things happen that results in the death of many characters.
In the being “the presence of death” the character of Roderigo was planning to commit suicide, but he did not because Iago stop him from doing it, “it is silly to live when life is torture. The only cure is death”. Roderigo thinks that death is the way out because he doesn 't have any choice but to choose death. “Oh how stupid, I’ve been alive for twenty eight years and I’ve never met a man who knew what was good for him. I’d rather be baboon than myself out of love for some woman I can’t have.” Iago think that Roderigo is crazy because he looked at him and says that this not your time to commit suicide. . Iago tells Roderigo to stop the nonsense and not to commit suicide. Roderigo felt sad because he doesn’t know what to do next in life. Roderigo do not do that in front of he won’t see that happen. Stop act has fool and get your life back and don’t think about commit suicide. Second reason, about love and hate…

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