Othello, By William Shakespeare Essay

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Othello, a tragedy written by William Shakespeare, embodies the nature of stature, nobility, deceit, heartache, and murder to create an epic tale of how one noble man’s world can crumble beneath him. As an integral part of the Venetian society, Othello, the protagonist, arose as a sophisticated, composed, and powerful leader whose stories of conquests could spawn a courtship unlike any other; a love story twisted amid Desdemona and Othello. However, through the use of a cunning antagonist, Iago, and the construction of false imagery, Othello falls in a well-conspired trap toward the smothering of his own wife to the demise of himself. By character manipulation, a plot made for revenge, and a constant theme for impeccable timing, Othello is completely stripped away of his nobility and decency to a place of no regain. The Christian Moor, or Othello’s, character is developed towards the beginning of the play as a bit of an outsider and vaguely insecure. However, he is still viewed as a trusting man with notable military skill and eloquent speech. He often refers to others as “my very noble and improved masters” (I.I.51) with composed esteem and a favorable attitude. Nevertheless, Othello’s openness and poise poses as a weakness to those who surround him. Iago, a keen schemer and enthusiast of destruction, feeds off this very imperfection to mastermind a game of his own. After being passed for a promotion as lieutenant, Iago takes the future of his career into his own hands.…

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