Essay about Othello, By William Shakespeare

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Shakespeare’s play Othello is a tragedy revolving around jealousy and the power it has over people. In Othello, a husband who was undeniably in love with his newly wed wife was easily able to murder her after believing she had been unfaithful. However Othello was only so easily convinced by his so called companion Iago, an evil man whose evil nature was the cause of the destruction of the tragic hero. Iago’s jealousy fueled plan was able to follow though due to his lack of emotions and his deceitful ways, and in this play it is seen how a little jealousy can go a long way.
From the beginning of Shakespeare’s play, Othello, it becomes clear to the audience that Iago’s jealousy and hatred for Othello is the cause of what is to come. The play opens with Iago recounting to Roderigo of how Othello had ignored the advice of three advisors who had suggested Iago to be Othello’s second in command, and instead chose a man who had never been in battle, Cassio. Not only is Iago’s hatred for Othello highlighted as he resents him for choosing Cassio, a man not worthy of lieutenancy according to him, Iago’s hatred for Cassio is revealed. As explained by Jenny M, Djundjung, “He believes that the position should be his and Cassio has stolen the position; therefore, he plans to abuse him to make him lose favor from Othello.” Iago concocted a plan of revenge that would unleash his jealousy, and as he describes to Roderigo, he states, “I follow him to serve my term upon him.” (Act 1, scene 1)…

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