Essay Othello, By William Shakespeare

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Othello murder of his wife is more understandable as Desdemona ignorance and naivete for her own actions that went against the moral code for a wife are now taking place. Making Iago 's accusations of her closer to a truth. Othello measure of her love also comes in his handkerchief.As Desdemona loses the handkerchief and making Othello worried as its seems to him that Desdemona also breaks another rule for a wife as she no longer holds her husband in a high manner. As she constantly brings up Cassio making Othello believe their is some love between them and making them having an affair more and more As in Othello mind of this deed Desdemona no longer upheld him as her husband and committed adultery with Cassio . As Othello is also a moor and he has on code he refuses to break as his wife is part of his honor that he must uphold since he a moor . “ Oriental races were thought to hold great store by chastity of their wives, since a man’s honor and virility were both impugned if his wife was unfaithful” (T.I.O.D, 137) Making it when Desdemona telling the truth far too late to save her fate .

“Desdemona: And have you mercy too! I never did Offend you in my life; never loved Cassio But with such general warranty of heaven As I might love. I saw my handkerchief in 's hand Othello” By heaven; I saw my handkerchief in’s hand O perjured woman! Thou dost stone my heart, And makest me call what I intend to do A murder, which I thought a sacrifice I saw…

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