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‘How does Shakespeare present aspects of love within the passage’ 4.3 beginning to L04’
The play Othello is was set in a rather patriarchal society and the traditional woman was known to obey her husband regardless, it was simple principle as men are known to be superior within the relationship while women are inferior, within the passage we can see both female protagonist abiding by this principle, ‘And hath commanded me to go bed and dismiss you’, the noun ‘command’ is an authority. Othello is ordering Desdemona and she lawfully obeys even thou its rather perplexing to dismiss a lady’s maid hence as to why ‘dismiss me’ is repeated twice to exaggerate the confusion and to build up suspense within the audience, in addition
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On contrary to this we can see the unconditional love Desdemona has for Othello, ‘That even his stubbornness, his checks, his frowns’, ‘his’ is a possessive pronoun, it’s as if Othello is her possession her world revolved around him, the repetition emphasise how Othello is her everything and It could be argued that Desdemona is more obeying to Othello because she loves him and wants to keep him buoyant; rather than just following traditional views because Desdemona has been against certain traditional views like disowning her father, and even bigger she decided to do the unknown and marry a ‘moor’ which was an abomination to society as it was extremely rare for interracial relationships with the Shakespearean time period.
Another significant figure of the book is the ‘willow tree song’, and this song is the climax to Desdemona’s death and ultimately supports the statement that both female protagonist not challenging their husbands, ‘she died singing it’, this is foreshadowing the tragic ending of the play, ‘her hand on her bosom’ this portrays feminism as it victimised woman, plus parallelism is switched ‘the fresh streams ran by her and murmured her’ moreover ‘sing willow,

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