Othello Essay - Jealousy

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In Shakespearean plays jealousy usually plays a considerable role in the causing the tragedy. Shakespeare shows great understanding in human nature and human tendencies. One aspect of human nature that he has a lot of insight on is jealousy. Shakespeare understands jealousy well, and is able to illustrate how jealousy can bring out the worst in people. In Othello , it is clear that in law relationships will fail because jealousy makes both parties of the relationship act evil. In addition, jealousy can cause the downfall of a marriage. Moreover jealousy can initiate the downfall of a friendship. Jealousy can bring out the evil and irrational actions in a relationship, resulting in the failure of the relationship. Family …show more content…
Therefore, jealousy can cause people in a Family(In Law) relationship to act with evil, resulting in the downfall of the family relationship.

Jealousy can cause spouses to act evil and irrational, ensuring the downfall of the marriage. Husbands go from trusting their wives to distrusting their wives for the reason that jealousy causes them to, hence ending their marriage. Othello declared, "My life upon her faith!" in a response to Barbantio uttering, "She has deceived her father, and may thee." (Act1 scene 3 line 293), this shows that he is fully trusting of Desdemona in the beginning of their marriage. Then Othello becomes jealous of Cassio because he believes that Cassio is sleepingwith Desdemona, this jealousy initiates Othello's distrust in Desdemona. This distrust towards Desdemona results in Othello not believing Desdemona when she says that she is a "true/ and loyal wife" (Act 4 scene 2 line 34-5) results in the end of the relationship because Othello slays her because he suspects that she is cheating. Furthermore, jealousy can cause a member of the relationship to act illogically resulting in the collapse of the relationship. Othello started out as a very sensible person who would always think of a logical solution. For example, when Barbantio came to fight him he talked them out of a battle, he says, "Hold your hands,/ Both you of my inclining and the rest./Were it my cue to

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