Othello - shakespeare and sax's film adaptation Essay

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Texts reflect their contexts. Is this true of Shakespeare’s Othello and Sax’s film Othello? (700-800 words).
Texts reflect their contexts and this is evident in both William Shakespeare’s Othello and Geoffrey Sax’s film Othello. This reflection is established through the two ideas of racism and the inequality between genders. The context of a text plays an essential role as it is the way in which the composers convey their message and this is done effectively as both composers are conveying an important message about racism and gender inequality.
Racism is a theme that is prominently evident throughout Shakespeare's Othello. Through this theme, there are several perceptions of an individual's race which are exhibited to establish the
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With this being said, it is still evident that racism still occurs as demonstrated by the film. Like Iago, Jago also uses racial slurs such as ‘Nigger’ and ‘big black bastard’, when congratulating Othello’s promotion as a commissioner. It is clear to the audience that Jago’s intention are far from what is seen by Othello as the camera uses a close up shot to emphasise Jago’s conniving facial expressions. The tone apparent in Jago’s compliments displays dramatic irony as the audience knows Jago’s motives and plans. Another example of racism in the film is during the bathroom scene in the film. The commissioner converses with Jago and states “If I could find any with brains as big as their dicks I’d be a happy man”, in reference to coloured officers. The quote refers to the assumed obsessive sexual behaviour inhabited by black men.
Gender inequality is apparent in the play, reflecting the context of the Elizabethan era. During the Elizabethan era, the discrimination of gender was in favour of men as they had the complete control in all relationships and dominated the workforce. Unmarried women were regarded as ‘property’ of their fathers and married women were regarded as ‘property’ of their husbands. This is evident throughout the play as there is a lack of trust between the relationships between a man and a woman. Iago furthers this distrust by stating that, ‘She [Desdemona] did deceive her father,

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