Essay about Othello : The Moor Of Venice Potential

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Othello: The Moor of Venice Potential
Othello talks about comparing and contrasting between Emilia and Desdemona’s loyalty to their husbands. Emilia’s and Desdemona’s loyalty for both of their husbands is shown in their marriage, their betrayal and everybody’s death throughout the book Othello.
In Othello and Desdemema’s marriage, Desdemona remains a loyal wife, as does Emilia in her own marriage to Iago. Both women actually want to please their husbands. But the difference between the marriages is that Desdemona actually obeys, supports, and defends Othello. Whereas, Desdemona searches herself for weakness, rather than exploring the changed behavior of her once-loving husband. She protects and defends him to the end. There was a time she condemned herself to hell on her deathbed by lying about Othello 's involvement in her death.
Emilia is loyal to her husband Iago, eventhough Iago has a villainous personality. Emilia realizes that as Iago’s wife, she has a duty to obey him. Despite her confident nature, she allows him to call her a wench and dares not to refuse him. Emilia’s loyalty to her husband even begins to conflict with her loyalty with her mistress.
Both women see the potential for power that their husbands hold. The handkerchief was an important symbol. Othello gave Desdemona the handkerchief that was claimed to be missing. The play shows that Othello flares up about the missing handkerchief because Othello’s mother gave it to him. His mother instructed…

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