Essay Othello-Whose Fault Is It?

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“Whose fault is it?” Whose fault was it then? (Pause) Othello, the heroic Moore, yet he was way too jealous and over-trusting. Was it Desdemona? Sweet Desdemona of intelligence and innocence but also a deceiving and naïve woman who cannot adjust to the role of a 17th century woman. Or was it Iago; Malicious and sneaky Iago?
We can go on about whose fault it is but I think it was both equally Othello and Desdemona’s fault. Together as a couple they lacked the understanding of marriage. They weren’t both cut out for this type of commitment; they had hidden their relationship and rushed into marriage secretly. It says in Bradley “but he was merely married in the circumstances he cannot have known much of Desdemona before his marriage”
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It is also due to the fact that he and his wife do not even truly know one another despite their love. And what about Desdemona? she hid her relationship about the Moore from everyone. She is deceptive and sneaky just as her father had said to Othello “Look to her Moore, if thou hast eyes to see she has deceived her and may thee” (act 1.3 p270) This line said by Brabantio foreshadows that Desdemona may deceive Othello since she deceived her own father. Desdemona has a habit of over-stepping boundaries and is forward. As it says in the audio “smart and confidence but just can’t adjust to the role of a 17th century woman”. Desdemona could be blamed for her own death. The audio describes how Shakespeare has intensified Desdemona’s character and that their marriage imposes roles on her that she and Othello cannot take.
“She’d come with a greedy ear, Devour up my discourse, which I observing” Shakespeare. (act 1.3 page 127) This quote demonstrates Desdemona as a sexual character to Othello. “She’d come with a greedy ear” is anthropomorphism, giving animal like qualities to the person. “Devour up my discourse” is alliteration, this sentence gives negative connotations, makes her seem very creature like and aggressive. She has no boundaries what so ever with what happens in Cyprus with Cassio. She’s oblivious to the fact that her actions can speak louder than her words. The filmic version

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