Patient Safety And Healthcare Quality Essay

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“Inpatient falls are a common adverse event that leads to in-patient injury, increased length of stay, healthcare costs, litigation, and are a focus of patient safety and healthcare quality (Mion, 2012).” Patient falls occur frequently in the hospital setting due to various reasons such as a patient being confused, starting a new medication, and impaired gait. The incident of the fall, I will describe occurred around 2:15 P.M. and the unit had five registered nurses and two certified nursing assistants. I made my hourly rounds on my patients to check to see if they needed anything. When I entered the room, I found the elderly client on the floor moaning and screaming for help. I remained with the client and call for help from the other staff on the unit. When the patient’s nurse arrived to the room she did a physical assessment and asked the patient questions. The patient was a self-care patient and very independent. She had on her non-skid socks and shoes from home. The patient stated, “ I was on my way to the restroom, while walking I begin to feel dizzy and light headed and before I knew it, I was falling to the floor and screaming for help, hoping someone would hear me to come and help me.” The injuries the patient sustained from the fall were a broken right hip and bruises on her arms. This incident is critical to me because my passion for nursing is helping others and preventing other injuries that cause bodily harms such as falls. When patients who were previously…

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