Essay about Philosophical Approaches to Ethical Decision Making Matrix

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Appendix B

Philosophical Approaches to Ethical Decision Making Matrix

Determine the ethical course of action for the following three scenarios from the perspective of each of the three philosophical approaches: consequentialism, deontology, and virtue ethics. Then, complete the matrix below by writing a few sentences stating the ethical course of action and the reasoning from that approach’s perspective. Clearly differentiate the reasons for each of the three approaches.

Keep in mind that, although rationale might differ, the ethical course of action for a given scenario might be the same for each philosophical approach. Be sure to state the ethical course of action as well as the rationale
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Every sales rep in the branch has met his or her individual sales goal, except Catalina; she is three sales short. A friend encourages her to report three additional sales and then, come next year, report that three of her sales had been cancelled. “There’s a loophole in the company policy that makes it so they can’t take away your bonus after you’ve already received it,” her friend tells her. “Plus, if you don’t meet your goal, none of us get new equipment or vacation. You’ll ruin it for all of us!” Should Catalina report and then cancel those three sales so she and her coworkers can receive their bonuses?

Scenario 3

Malcolm came home to his apartment one evening after a long day at work. He lives near campus with three other students at the university. Malcolm turned the corner into the kitchen to find one of his roommates sitting at the table with another man whom Malcolm didn’t recognize. On the table were several small bags of what appeared to be…drugs? It took Malcolm by surprise, so much so that he froze in his tracks. His roommate and the other man quickly stuffed the bags into a backpack, exchanged a wad of bills, and the man brushed past Malcolm and out the front door. Dumbfounded, Malcolm stared at his roommate, who approached him and, almost threateningly, said, “You didn’t see anything. Got it? Don’t think I won’t know who squealed if anyone finds out about this.” What’s Malcolm to do: report his roommate to the police or keep quiet?


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