Poverty And Its Effects On Children Essay

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Throughout the world, millions are affected by poverty. The US Census Bureau considers a family in the United States poverty stricken when a" family 's total income is less than the family 's threshold." As of 2013, about fifteen percent of people lived in poverty across the United States (Census Bureau). Poverty affects people in many ways, and may be caused by the restriction of resources in specific areas where a children live. When children are affected by poverty it can cause them to have a less successful future in terms of social and academic standpoints, due to the fact that children who live in poverty may be introduced to factors that affect their brain growth (CTD Children in Poverty 01). Poverty may affect a child 's education, family life and can negatively affect their future lives and careers.
Family is a very important aspect of a adolescents childhood. They not only feed, nurture, and shelter the child, but also are the starting foundation for their children 's social lives (The Effect of Poverty and Child Development, 03). The Child Trends Databank organization (eg. CTD) states that “Research indicates that poor children are disproportionately exposed to factors that may impair brain development and affect social and emotional development.” Factors that might cause harm to the brain, or could potentially contribute to low academic success rates and social gaps later in a child 's educational career are the introduction to alcoholic substances and other…

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