Psy/405 Klein vs. Erikson Debate Essay

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Klein vs. Erikson Debate

Jamie Salas, Jessica Borrero, Melondy Moore, Reshunna Robbins, Roxanne Luck, Shayna Parks



Patti Toler

Roxanne - In this debate we are going to argue the applications of Melanie Klein’s Objection Relations Theory and Erik Erikson’s Post-Freudian Theory in regards to their describing of individual personality characteristics along with interpersonal relations.

Team Klein will begin the debate:

Jessica - On the positive aspects of Klein’s object theory on individual personality characteristics is how an infant’s experience can shape their future personality. One is the object of the breast, which later perceives total control and this drives
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Both theories focus on the unconscious on development and both separate development into stages. This can cause some negative aspects for describing individual personality characteristics. Erikson focused on forces such as social and environmental factors. While Erikson’s theory focused on adulthood and later stages his studies for identity were done on children. Another weakness of Erikson was that it does not focus on cultural differences and is not considerate to late development. Erikson's theory focuses on all stages of life well into adulthood but doesn't pay much attention to the actual adulthood phase, and identity can change in later stages of adulthood ("Strengths and Weaknesses of Erikson's Work", 2006).

Team Erikson final conclusion:

Roxanne – Erikson knew there was more to the theories of previous theorist such as Freud and Klein. He was able to enhance what was previously thought of about personality development when it comes to individual personality and interpersonal relations. Erikson’s theory was able to bring together what identity is in terms of the psycho, the social, the past, the present conscious and unconscious (Conn, 1997). Understanding one’s identity leads to better understanding of the ego for self and social interactions. Erikson being able to explain the stages of identity development from birth throughout the entire

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