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Chapter 4
1. Today, you turn 21. Your birthday wish is that you will be a millionaire by your 40th birthday. In an attempt to reach this goal, you decide to save $25 a day, every day until you turn 40. You open an investment account and deposit your first $25 today. What rate of return must you earn to achieve your goal?
A. 15.07%
B. 15.13%
C. 15.17%
D. 15.20%
E. 15.24%
2. Marko, Inc. is considering the purchase of ABC Co. Marko believes that ABC Co. can generate cash flows of $5,000, $9,000, and $15,000 over the next three years, respectively. After that time, Marko feels ABC will be worthless. Marko has determined that a 14% rate of return is applicable to this potential purchase. What is Marko willing to pay today to buy ABC
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You should accept the $189,000 today because it has the higher net present value.
B. You should accept the $189,000 today because it has the lower future value.
C. You should accept the second offer because you will receive $200,000 total.
D. You should accept the second offer because you will receive an extra $11,000.
E. You should accept the second offer because it has a present value of $194,555.42.
6. Your local travel agent is advertising an extravagant global vacation. The package deal requires that you pay $5,000 today, $15,000 one year from today, and a final payment of $25,000 on the day you leave two years from today. What is the cost of this vacation in today's dollars if the discount rate is 6%?
A. $39,057.41
B. $41,400.85
C. $43,082.39
D. $44,414.14
E. $46,518.00 7. One year ago, the Jenkins Family Fun Center deposited $3,600 in an investment account for the purpose of buying new equipment four years from today. Today, it is adding another $5,000 to this account. It plans on making a final deposit of $7,500 to the account next year. How much will be available when it is ready to buy the equipment, assuming it earns a 7% rate of return?
A. $18,159.65
B. $19,430.84
C. $19,683.25
D. $20,194.54
E. $20,790.99
8. Suzette is going to receive $10,000 today as the result of an insurance settlement. In addition, she will receive $15,000 one year from today and $25,000 two years from today. She plans on saving all of this money and investing it

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