Reproductive Cloning Of Humans By Alice Cooper 's Song, Clones ( We 're All )

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Reproductive cloning of humans would lead to an identity crisis in cloned individuals. Alice Cooper’s song, “Clones (We’re All),” portrays the feelings of a person who realizes he is a clone and wishes he was a unique individual. The lyrics, “I’m all alone, so are we all. We’re all clones” show the anguish that the narrator suffers from as a clone (Alice). He portrays a world in which everyone is a clone of each other. No one is unique, and that causes an existential crisis in the narrator. He feels all alone because everyone he talks to is identical to him. He would find life more interesting if there were different people to interact with. The lyrics, “We don’t need your kind, the other ones, ugly ones, stupid boys, wrong ones” show the viewpoint of eugenicists (Alice). The eugenicists want to purify the human gene population, so they get rid of the unwanted traits, such as ugliness and lack of intelligence, in order to make the more attractive and intelligent people dominate the population. This song shows that if there were an abundance of human clones in society, life would be bleak and the cloned humans would feel worthless and unoriginal. This presents an interesting perspective on cloning that I had never considered before. I am sure that I would be depressed if I was a clone because I would not be unique. This feeling of worthlessness in cloned humans is the reason why reproductive human cloning is unethical. In her poem, “On Cloning,” M.M. Marshall ponders the…

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