Essay Reproductive Cloning Should Be Legal

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An outstanding amount of scientists, lawyers, health care professionals, ethicists and the general public has made their position strongly against creating a baby through reproductive cloning. (Jaenisch & Wilmut). While most people in the U.S. are in agreement with a ban on the reproductive cloning of humans, they may or may not support a ban on therapeutic cloning. But, to support a ban on the reproductive cloning while simultaneously permitting therapeutic cloning would almost certainly result in instances of both reproductive and therapeutic cloning. If a ban on only on reproductive cloning were to be enacted then the enforcement would require the legally authorized destruction of human embryos created by cloning. That is, if it were legal to create clonal embryos for therapeutic but not for reproductive purposes, the ultimate extinction of these embryos is necessary in order to prevent the illegal practice of reproductive cloning from occurring. A restricted ban would then establish "for the first time in American history a class of embryos that it is a crime not to destroy, a felony not to treat as anything except disposable tissue” (Bottum & Kristol). Today, abortion is legal in the United States, the majority of the citizens in the country would most likely respond firmly against and refuse to adhere to a legal policy that ordered the destruction of human life or the chastening and or incarceration of women known to have defied the law by giving birth to human clones…

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