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Unit 9 Final Project

When I hear the word scientist I envision a plethora of exciting images. I picture highly intelligent dedicated men and women diligent working against the clock to solve the world’s most dire problems with urgent fervor. I envision nameless hero’s who have saved the world against super viruses and certain calamity. When I hear the word scientist I think of those brilliant minds from a variety of scientific fields. I think of people like Leonardo da Vinci, Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Louis Pasteur, Nikola Tesla and so forth. The characteristics these great men all shared were their focus on and expansion of the periphery of scientific progress and quality of life for our race. In the media however, these
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Lastly, all great scientists have some “rockin” hair. Einstein had crazy hair, Darwin had a crazy beard because he had no hair, and theorist Giorgio Tsoukalo has real crazy hair. The concept may seem silly, but it is an example of how a small amount of science can produce a funny type of logic, but logic nonetheless. I hypothesize that scientist who do not groom their hair are less concerned with vanity and therefore less concerned with ego. That being stated, my belief is that the individual whom is less concerned with their ego, is more selfless, and therefore more focused naturally on external matters. So, as I have mentioned the characteristics that I vision for a scientist are; a desire to contribute to human progress, intelligent, and eccentric hair.
My image of a scientist, and what a scientist does, has indeed changed over time. As with most things when I was a child I saw the world as a child, and had no idea the service and importance scientists have had on our lives. It wasn’t until my adult life that I began to realize the importance of scientific work and progress. It was an astounding realization when I began to understand how much I had taken science and scientists for granted. Weather it is Penicillin, light bulbs, electricity, anesthesia or computers it is painfully aware how much scientific discoveries made by scientists have both

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