Essay about Selecting A Dwelling And New Car

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Selecting a dwelling Each partner will look online at his or her convenience for current listings, then present viable options to the other. After reviewing the options, both partners will set a date that they can visit the dwellings in person together. After seeing the possibilities in person, a thorough discussion will take place and, considering factors such as price, location, and size, a decision will be reached together. If either partner adamantly disproves of an option, then the search for a dwelling will continue until an agreement can be made.
B. Buying a car We will first discuss why another and/or new car is necessary. If both partners decide the rationale behind the purchase is fair, the partner that will predominantly be using the car will examine online the options. After narrowing down the selection, the partner will present the options to the other partner for advice. The opinion of Jonathan will be more heavily considered because he is much more knowledgeable about cars. Taking into account this advice, more options may be explored. Eventually, when both partners find the car will suit their needs best and decide the price is fair, the car will be purchased.
C. Purchasing furniture and appliances When it comes to purchasing furniture and appliances, the “big ticket” items will be reviewed together. For example, couches, dining room tables, refrigerators, and stoves will be examined and discussed together. However, pieces that are not as important will…

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