Sex And Its Effect On Society Essay

2117 Words Apr 10th, 2016 9 Pages
There has been a dramatic shift in the understanding of sex and its place in society in modern times. This shift involves the meaning and role of sex in today’s changing world. To say that we live in an era where the understanding of sex is skewed in favor of a utilitarian and individualized concept, is simply to state the obvious (Woodhead 1997, 98-99). The axiom, “sex is fun” has become the popular slogan that drives sexual activities among the young, as well as the old. And so, whenever the fun disappears, the relationship is brought to an abrupt end and the individuals move on to the next person they think can provide the needed fun. In the mist of all the distorted interpretations of the role and place of sex in today’s society, the question that confronts the church is: how should Christians respond to the changing view of sex and marriage, and what is the relevance of Christian ethic on sexual morality? This paper will argue that Christian sexual ethic is relevant in today’s world because it highlights some of the negative sexual behavior that the privatization, individualization and utilitarian concept of sex promote and how those behaviors affect family, community and society. It is imperative for me to state from the outset that it is wrong to impose Christian ethics of sexual morality on society. It is a violation of peoples’ religious freedom guaranteed by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom. So all I am going to be doing in this paper is to…

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