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Shakespeare’s otherness in Othello

Shakespeare when writing Othello uses many different underlying themes for the reader to try and pick up on. One of the biggest is otherness. Otherness is defined as the quality or condition of being other or different, especially if exotic or strange. Shakespeare throws at the reader some interesting topics to think about race, a handkerchief, feminism, and many more. All these different topics Shakespeare wants the reader to pay attention to are all underlying issues that better help the reader to understand the playwright from Shakespeare’s point of view. Otherness is not always understandable but it gives the reader an idea as to why certain characters act as the
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He is responsible for the underlying jealousy, trickery, and murderous revenge. Iago is seen as an educated individual who believes that he should be in a higher position like Cassio is. Iago is the biggest mystery throughout the playwright. His motives for the most part are unknown but he does mention why he is angry at times. Shakespeare uses Iagos character to show the reader many things. Iago is white and he is othellos ensign. He is one of the most evil people having no motives for what he has done. He is a bitter man who feeds upon the torment of others to keep him content but even when he gets what he wants he still seeks to torment others. Shakespeare gives the reader an understanding of what type of person he is and also shows that a person of white upper class up bringing can be evil. He also shows the otherness of a white man serving under a darker skinned individual. Shakespeare brings up an interesting topic even hundred of years before its time. He shows the reader the otherness in Othello himself. Othello is a genuinely better person than Iago will ever be and he just happens to be of darker color skin. “I hate the Moor:
And it is thought abroad, that 'twixt my sheets
He has done my office: I know not if't be true;
But I, for mere

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