Shakespeare 's Othello - Iago 's Evil Nature Essay

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Iago’s evil nature
In the story of Othello, we meet many astonishing characters, but there seems to be one character that stands out amongst them all; Iago. Iago is William Shakespeare’s most wicked villain throughout the entire play. Shakespeare uses rhetoric of identity early on when introducing Iago by the “I am not what I am” speech (Act 1, scene 1), perhaps foreshadowing his true personality (Sleczkowski). Iago is the whole reason why there is any conflict in Othello. Iago has a magnificent role in the play, working as a vicious virus towards the characters. Iago manipulates each character by revealing their weaknesses to bring out their downfall. But why is Iago so malicious? Jealousy is his first motive. Iago has so many evil traits that are revealed throughout the play. Each of his traits has been used in a situation to help master his plan. Some of his traits include his Great talking skills, good lying skills, selfishness and fast planning skills. Shakespeare does a good job in showing the reader what kind of person Iago is in the very beginning of the play.
Act 1, Iago confesses he has a hatred for Othello due to him granting Cassio with the position of lieutenant. Even though Iago does offer motives causing him to take his vengeance on Othello and the other characters, but as he keeps altering and modifying his motives, he appears to be indecisive to his real motive (Djundjung). The jealousy trait is then revealed so early into the play. Jealousy is his…

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