Short Story : ' Dance Chic ' Essay

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I snuggle up beside my mom on our brown couch in the living room. She places her arm around my shoulder and we continue watching the dancing show ‘Dance chic’.

“Next, on ‘Dance Chic’ is…” The speakers growl, as I close my eyes and fall asleep. “Hailey wake up.” My mother sings to me, as she gently shakes me awake.

I open my eyes slowly and remove the sleep from them. I then remember I was watching ‘Dance Chic’ the season finale, before I fell asleep.

“Do you remember who won ‘Dance Chic’?” I yawn, as I sit up on the brown couch.

My mother hugs me and I cling onto her like a bear. I lay my head on her shoulder, as her long blonde hair tickles my left cheek.

“I do remember. Don and Cheryl won.” She answers as she walks us to my room.

“I thought Paul and Zelda were going to win.” I say sleepily.

“No more worrying about the show, it’s time for you to go to bed.” She says as she slowly lowers me down onto my pink-covered bed, while I stare into her kind and loving green eyes.

I get under my blankets, and she moves my dirty blonde bangs away from my forehead, and she kisses it. She then touches my forehead with her pointer finger turning, as she says, my worry button off.

“There no more worries.”

She turns to leave, but I grab her hand.

“Can you please tell me a bedtime story?”

She faces me and my nightlight reflects her figure in the dark room.

“Alright.” She smiles, as she sits down on the side of my pink comforter.


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