Essay about Should Cloning Be Legal?

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Many people think it might be neat if they could witness cloning. However there are more negatives than positives when doing this action. Some of those negative reasons are medical related, the cost, the technology, and the religious points. But the positives include fertility problems. So in those defenses the debate over cloning in the U.S. remains intense because it is against human nature.
Cloning is an very unnecessary procedure. There are medical reasons why we shouldn’t be able to clone humans. For example, they are cloning people just to use the clones for their organs . We already have donors for the situation of organs. So why make a clone to destroy it? Adding to that they came to realize that cloning is just like abortion . With the science it takes to clone a baby it would involve hundreds of damaged egg cells. Which ends with dead embryos an embryo is a unborn baby. Why would anyone indulge in this experiment knowing that it will kill hundreds of babies just trying to clone a human. With these difficulties they also suggest that clones are unhealthy and would have built in genetic defects which lead to death. So basically you would be bringing an innocent baby into the world knowing it is going to have some birth defects that could eventually lead to death. If you think about it cloning has a lot of negative problems. To make a human by cloning is way too expensive! To clone a human successfully they need about one hundred eggs. They pay each donor three…

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