Should Genetic Engineering Be Controlled by Law? Essay example

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My topic: Should Genetic Engineering Be Controlled by Law?

Table of Contents

1. Abstract of this research paper.

2. What is genetic engineering?

3. What kinds of ethical problems are there?

4. Freedom of scholarship.

5. Innovative remedy for obstinate diseases.

6. Solutions for ethical problems.

7. Conclusion including my prospects.

8. References

Abstract of the research paper Takeshi Ishida

“Should genetic engineering be controlled by law?”

I chose this topic because I used to study medicine at my former

university. And I’m also thinking of studying biology at HPU, so I felt

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If we want to make omnipotent cells from

human tissues, using embryos was the only way, at least until seven years


But in last several years, some researchers have succeeded in

establishing other ways to create omnipotent stem cells which is alike ESCs

in nature by using new iPS cells(induced pluripotent stem cells) without

using aborted embryos.(Actually, iPS cells are pluripotent and not

omnipotent.) The very good things of these cutting-edge technologies are

that they will give us not only chance to understand unknown detailed

movements in cells’ nature but also techniques to avoid ethical problems

concerning abortion and others. For this reason, many people believe that

genetic engineering’s further development should not be restricted even

if some people think that genetic engineering should be controlled by law

before it causes serious social issues.

Although CO2 problem is not solved yet, we humans have been succeeding

in solving problems such as some kinds of pollutions and animal extinctions.

So there should be a way both developing genetic technology and avoiding

ethical problems.

Before starting an argumentative and evidence based research paper, we

must recognize what is genetic engineering, what technologies we have and

why it is thought to be carrying ethical problems.

Let’s start the argument focusing on human and

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