Should We Spend Their Time At Home Or Travel? Essay

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Many cultures enjoy to spend their time working; others tend to prefer to have more free time. The majority of the American’s prefer to spend the most of their time at work and the Europeans much rather prefer to enjoy life and not be tied down to a desk. How is it that they manage to spend more time at home or travel whichever the case may be and still have a decent lifestyle?
If anyone were to ask you, "do you enjoy working?" what would your response be? For example, in “America’s Bizarre Secret to Happiness: More Work” by Daily Mail it states “Europeans and American respondents were asked to identify if they were ‘very happy,’ ‘pretty happy’ or ‘not too happy’. This survey found that the Europeans were describing themselves as very happy dropped from around 28 percent to 23 percent as work hours climbed from 17 hours a week to more than 60” (269). In this particular statement, we can see that they much rather not be at work but be elsewhere that does not include their job. As a result, the American’s don’t mind the more work hours the better.
When people visualize the American dream, they picture a better lifestyle for themselves. What is the American dream really? The American dream may consist of some freedom, a white picket fence, and possibly having the privilege of an early retirement. When the Americans are at their place of employment many employees believe that money grows on trees, which sounds really great. These theories come across the American workers,…

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