Essay about Socialism As A Socialist Government

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Socialism is a principle that is known for having ownership and control of the community by distribution of land, and the capital. When a government has an economic system that involves both political and economic theories, and the government having the right to the ownership and power of administration and the production of food, and other goods, this is known as socialist government. A socialist government is a type of government that does everything for the people even if it means to help with medical care, paid vacations, free education, and a twenty four hour with a thirty minute wait for an emergency call to a personal doctor. In the beginning socialism was the promise to invest in politics by a moral imperative so that way the countries government can create a society where their people can have liberty and respect. An example of how a socialist government cares for the people would be to just imagine yourself having way too many things to do for one day like, take care of the kids, do laundry, go shopping for food and so on, well with one phone call, citizens can have government agents go to their house and wash clothes, cook, babysit or whatever else they need done. Having a socialist country seems lazy, why couldn’t people just do all that stuff independently, but thats exactly the point, a socialists government is not going to mind helping the citizens, if it keeps the government controlled and well organized it keeps the people happy, and less riots or crimes…

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