Essay on Staffing And Procedures For Employees

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In many nursing facilities, hospitals are challenged with inadequate staffing. According to Yonder-Wise (2015), staffing involves hiring and implementing capable employees to meet the needs of patient care. Staffing and scheduling are primarily the responsibility of the lead charge nurse and the unit director. Scheduling is the task of implementing the staffing plan by assigning employees to work specific hours and days. Adequate staffing is needed to assure timely identification of any change in a patient’s status and to facilitate an appropriate intervention. Proper scheduling is needed to justify the cost of a unit (Yonder-Wise, 2015). According to Children’s of Alabama (2015) staffing guidelines are provided to sufficiently staff each unit and to provide superior patient care.
Nursing administration has provided a policy and procedure that applies to all of Children’s of Alabama nursing staff. Below is the policy and procedure for employees staffing guidelines. According to Children’s of Alabama (2015), schedules are posted in advanced for at least a fourteen-day period. This schedule cannot be altered except when emergencies occur and for patient care requirements. An attempt should be made to schedule at least one experienced registered nurse on every shift. Employees are assigned shifts when hired; however, when staffing is short, the employee can be scheduled to work another shift to provide adequate patient care. Paid time off must be requested two weeks in advance…

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