Stem Cell Reaserch Essay

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Kadeem Y. S. Mc Mahon
DeVry College of New York
LAWS310 – The Legal Environment
Professor Steven Maffei
Stem Cell Research Essay

Majority of the general population knows or has heard something in reference to stem cell research, weather it is from magazine articles or news, at some point in our daily lives we’ve heard the term “Stem Cell Research.” Stem cells due to their controversial nature, has seen numerous changes in the legislation governing its research and the types of stem cells – weather it is fetal, cord, embryonic, etc... – The legislation affecting stem cells can determine where the U.S. stands on this ground breaking research. According to Lanza, A simple definition for stem cells is as follows “a stem
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That discovery started an increase in reaserch of stem cells which caused congress to put a ban on all federally funded fetal tissues – fetal(baby at 10 weeks) tissues is where fetal stem cells are collected from – research. That jumpstarted the United States legislation on the stem cell research, ever so often, Congress; an executive branch; and the president at that time, go back and forth on whether or not this type of research is ethical and morally correct. Over the years, the United States policy on stem cell research has been changed dramatically. It initially received great opposition but the outlooks are certainty changing as the science becomes more certain of its possibilities and benefits of the use of these cells. During the Bush administration – 2001 to 2009 –, federal funding was only given to twenty-one viable cell lines (Choe). During the earlier parts of his first term in office – 2001 – former President Bush made it clear that he was adamantly against stem cell research, and then proceeded to veto the “Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act of 2005” that would have given funding to scientists to further research on human embryos – that would have been destroyed after they weren’t needed for in-vitro fertilization – (Thomas). Former president Bush claimed that embryonic stem cell research was the equivalent to destroying a human life

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