Stem Cell Research On Stem Cells Essay

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In this case presentation it focuses on research on stem cells to find possible ways to cure many disease. A group of scientists created a line of stem cells out of human embryos that could be used for genetic engineering research in November 1998. When George W. Bush became president he received immense pressure to ban the funding and research for stem cell research, and it led him to ban the proposed funding for the research. To support his actions Bush argued that the stem cells found by the scientists were contaminated with blood products from rodents, and he said that they would provide unreliable research so it would be no longer useful (Van Camp pg. 279).
After taking presidency, Barack Obama lifted the research ban on March 2, 2009. Obama then directed the National Institutes of Health to issue specific guidelines for funding, which he believed would benefit science and promote a great economy. The case presentation also covered what President Obama stated in his Executive Order, where he set goals for the new Administration and how they would handle the scientific research. He suggested strict guidelines to make sure that research was conducted responsibly and for the right reasons (Van Camp pg. 279).
Issue Present The issue that is conveyed in this case presentation is whether or not stem cell research should be funded and allowed by the federal government. Even though this research could eventually lead to medical breakthroughs to cure many diseases, there are…

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