Stem Cells And Its Effects On The Nervous System Essay

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One of the dominant issues present in the world today is the threat of neurodegenerative diseases, which primarily affect the nervous system. These diseases are responsible for about sixty thousand deaths per year, many of which are preceded by up to several years of excruciating pain and suffering (“Alzheimer’s…Figures”). Neurodegenerative diseases, among other health issues, such as heart disease, arthritis, and diabetes, are treatable with stem cell therapy. As long as humans exist, the necessity for extensive more technological advancements will be abundant and crucial to humanity 's survival. Stem cells have been at the forefront of medical research for many years (Susman). Stem cells can easily be labeled ‘the wonder drug’ of the century, one type of research that will cure all diseases. According to a lecturer affiliated with Technology, Entertainment and Design education (TED Ed), Kohn Craig, in his video called What are Stem cells?, these are cells that exist in an undifferentiated state and transform into differing tissue types depending on what surrounding cells there are. The divergent types of stem cells have the potential to repair many classes of damaged human tissue. However, only one type of stem cell ensures to regenerate virtually any class of tissue, which is the highly controversial embryonic stem cell.
Stem cells are extracted from a developing embryo or a fetus. There are no other options to acquire perfectly undifferentiated cells than in an…

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