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Embryonic Stem Cells Embryonic Stem Cell Research A man in a motorized wheelchair makes his way down the sidewalk toward me. Bags of groceries hang from the handles and any other protrusion that can serve as a hook. He is accompanied by an older woman who walks behind him; one hand gripping her own load of bags while the other rests lightly on the back of the chair. They stop once they are near me and I get a clear look at the occupant of the chair. He is a young a man. Thin, emaciated arms and legs are drawn in toward his body. It is clear that he has been confined to this chair for a long time. The woman is his mother and she asks me if I can watch him while she goes into a nearby building to call a friend to give them a ride. I …show more content…
Scientists at the University of New South Wales, Australia made the breakthrough during their research into treatments for muscular dystrophy (MacDonald). The viability and effectiveness of stem cells is now proven. The potential for embryonic stem cells is not limited to brain damage, they can do much more.
Replacement organs and limbs are harvested from donors. This means we wait around like opportunistic scavengers for the right set of circumstances to deliver a windfall so that we might have the chance to help others in need. Organ rejection is around 10-15% (Mark Benfield). Not a high percentage; unless you are one of the 10-15%. Embryonic stem cells that have had their original DNA replaced with the DNA of the patient would not experience organ rejection because the immune system would recognize the new cells as “Self”. This procedure is called therapeutic cloning and is being researched (Suzanne Kadereit) .Imagine being able to replace failing organs or missing limbs without having to wait for months for an appropriate donor. We would eliminate the heartbreaking experience of receiving a life saving transplant and having the organ or limb rejected by the body.
The research into stem cells will have a large part of its focus on the manipulation of stem cell genes. The genes control the course of the development of the cells. Since genes are common to all cells, once we understand how to manipulate them in stem cells we will be able to manipulate them in

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