Suicide : A Cause Death Essay examples

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Suicide is an incredibly prevalent cause of death in this day and age. It is the 10th leading cause of death, unless you fall between the ages of 15 and 34, in which case suicide jumps up to being either the 2nd and 3rd leading cause of death (WebMD, 2015). Over 90% of people who commit suicide either suffer from clinical depression or another type of mental disorder (WebMD, 2015). Beyond just looking for symptoms of depression there are other things to look out for if you are concerned that a friend, a loved one, or even you might be at risk of attempting suicide. The website says to look for things like people giving away their possessions, tying up loose ends in their lives like paying off debts or changing their will or even being so blatant as writing a suicide note. It also says to look and listen for phrases like “you’ll be sorry when I’m gone,” “I have a plan to kill myself,” or “my family would be better off without me,” (Screening, 2014). While I think these are important red flags to be wary of, it seems that these are such blatantly obvious red flag that they are a sign for help. Unfortunately I suspect that not everyone who attempts or commits suicide is as open about their plans. While most people who commit suicide might not actually want to end their lives, I am under the impression that there are some people out there who do wish to end their own lives, and don’t want to be stopped. While the information on…

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