Summary Of ' Flannery O ' Essay

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A family of five decide to go on vacation to Florida, but the grandmother in the family wanted to visit Tennessee. The family eventually stopped at a diner called The Tower where they meet the owner, Red Sammy. He and the grandmother talk about how people are different how and “how a good man is hard to find.” When they get back on the road, the grandmother suggest they visit a plantation she once remembered. They follow a dirt road and the grandmother suddenly remembers that the plantation was in Tennessee, the grandmothers cat jumps out of her basket and causes the family to crash. Three men unexpectedly move towards the car wreck, where the grandmother recognizes that one of them was the Misfit. The grandmother pleads with the Misfit and tells him that he can be honest and asks him if he prays. The other two men take the family into the woods to shoot them, the grandmother tells the Misfit that he is her child and he shoots her chest and kills her. As we analyze the story, Flannery O’Connors exhibits what a good man is through the choices and actions of the grandmother and the Misfit. In O’Connors short story we read that that plot has some historical relevance of when it was published and how each character had a social role that they played. The story takes place in Georgia during the 50s, the same place and time where O’Connor lived and wrote the story. At the time the civil rights movement was happening, the 1954 Supreme Court 's decision in Brown v. Board, which…

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